Intemperately Elegant

"When you have nothing left,
You can do everything right."

Hi, my name is Mw. Am a space kitten.

This is me:
I am an experimentalist. I believe in optimums.
I am an open sourcer. I create things I know others would benefit from as well.
I am a bastion. I provide and teach  you strong bases about everything I find worth learning.
I build equity. I support life.

This is NOT me:
A good/spontaneous company. People always know what they want from me, and that's OK.
A diplomat. The answers that matter to me have multiple sides I find hard to detail.
A believer. The concept of all heavens are the real hell to me.
Supporter of equality.

This is why I'm busy nowadays:
Because, this year I applied for 41 credits. Hell lot to study!
Because, I am the only developer at Wildcard
Because, I have to be busy. I feel lonely most of the time on weekdays.

Wildcard website (WD 1.17)
Used materials:
Shared Hosting · Laravel · Bootstrap · jQuery · tinyMCE · PayPal

Find me on Facebook. Talk to me any time, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you!